Private Security Company (PSC) "Shamsher" holds a security activity from December 2011. It is a fast growing and stable company, specializing propa-gating in the field of security and protection in the territory of Tajikistan.
   Since its establishment, PSC "Shamsher" focused on the European standard of quality services in the field of protection and ensuring the security of the staffs. The selection staff of  Chop is realized on a competitive base. The main staff of the PSC "Shamsher" are the representatives of law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Tajikistan is in stock.
 All employees of PSE "Shamsher" are trained by a special program of training security guards in the security agencies.
   The guards are matched with the experience of not less than 1 year in the gu-arding structure. Henceforth, to be trained on the training program in the Secu-rity Agency. 
   Round the clock by security agency management is controlled the guards-workers during the bearing of their duty.
   The security company has a duty officer, where the clock comes information about the situation on site. Operational information is recorded in the Book-term operational situation. In a case of emergency situation, the department immediately informs the police, ambulance, emergency and fire brigade.
   The sites operate by the instructions of guards, coordinating with the leaders of the object.

   Once a week, leaders of  LLC "Shamsher" meet with an official police depar-tment of the territorial district for the exchange of information on operational situation.