Our Services

PSA specializes in "Shamsher" are those services in the area of:

     - Personal protection (bodyguards), a car with a driver. Personal Protection CHOP "Shamsher" is able to act wisely and well in critical situations and reliably ensures your personal safety, privacy and transmission of important meetings for documents.
     - Protection of offices, institutions, shopping centers, warehouses, cottages, hotels, construction of industrial facilities, etc.
     - Protecting and maintaining order at public entertainment events, concerts, clubs, exhibitions, etc.
     - The protection and maintenance of cargo.
     - Installation and arrangement  of video surveillance and other security equ-ipment. Schematic diagram of protection chosen by the client and the envi-ronment at the facility.
     - Advice on the safety and security.

The high professionalism and excellent quality of service allows PSE "Shamsher" occupy a stable position in the market of security services and ensuring security.
   CHOP "Shamsher" has a special uniform seasonal pattern, with logos Pro-tection Agency and the badge.
   CHOP "Shamsher" guarantees its customers a reliable level of security and co-Security of the property on the objects.

We all know the popular wisdom saying: "A thief does not make a hole in the wall, and a hole in the wall makes a man a thief." From this, it follows that for underestimating the problem, we have no right. A criminal does not have to find a loophole in our security system!